Bridging Gaps Between Muslims And Non-Muslims Through Education, Integration And Outreach Programs


Bridging Gaps Foundation is a registered non-profit organization that aims to bridge the gaps between Muslim and non-Muslim communities through education, integration and outreach programs. With teams and partners all across major cities in BC, Bridging Gaps operates a strategic and coordinated movement towards building a strong faith-inspired Muslim community than is actively engaged with the wider society.

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To create young Muslim leaders, deeply inspired by their faith who bridge the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims, and elevate social, emotional and spiritual well-being of humanity through ground-level efforts and advocacy.

Programs & Projects

Bridging Gaps Foundation is involved with and initiates many programs and projects. Details and further information on the programs and projects can be found below:

Meet a muslim

One of the first initiatives at Bridging Gaps, our public outreach ‘Meet a Muslim’ program has been growing consistently for the past 4 years with teams emerging all across BC. Our teams set up regular da’wah booths on streets and at relevant public events to convey the message of Islam. Allah has allowed young faith-inspired Muslims to educate people and present a compassionate, rational and pragmatic case for Islam. Under this initiative, our volunteers have represented Islam at inter-faith events, visited public schools and assisted Muslim student clubs with their public outreach work.

Open mosque days

Under this initiative, we assist Mosques to open their doors to the public. BGF provides planning, training, resources, and also volunteers to ensure different elements of welcoming public into the Mosque are carried out with excellence. Apart from assisting local mosques on a regular basis, in February 2019, we organized BC’s first province-wide ‘Open Mosque Day’ across 9 cities which gained wide nation wide media attention and attracted thousands to mosques within BC.

Al-Mu’minoon Courses

Starting in the blessed month of Dhul-Hijja 1440H (August 2019), BGF launched a new program, ‘Al-Mu’minoon’, to organize one-day Islamic courses focusing on inspiring functional manifestation of Islamic core values into one’s daily life. The courses are transformative and are known to offer a ‘fresh’ perspective on one’s relationship with God. The courses are followed up by peer-review meetings and discussions to strengthen learning.

Key Conference

A much-loved youth conference that gives our younger generation a platform to discuss solution-focussed contemporary issues. The conference offers a platform to young Muslims to express themselves on core issues and engage with experts to inspire ideas and opinions that become key elements for positive change. A Key Conference 2020 is currently being planned.

Jesus in islam

An upcoming BC-wide program aimed at building more knowledge and understanding about Islam’s connection with Jesus (peace be upon him) and his teachings.

Muslim care centre

Bridging Gaps Foundation is one of the core contributing organizations behind the newly launched Muslim Care Centre (MCC) located at 140 E Hastings St in Downtown Vancouver. MCC is a non-profit that has emerged through the support of a consortium of Muslim organizations, businesses and individuals. Striving to serve, share and counsel, MCC focuses on daily food distribution, addiction (drugs/alcohol) mental health and women’s counselling, chiropractic services, and daily prayer services. MCC is mostly operated by young Muslim adults who volunteer on a daily basis to serve the Downtown Eastside Community which includes 300-400 Muslims as per preliminary estimated.

Bridging Gaps Foundation ensures a smooth day-to-day operation, volunteer management, food distribution at the centre, as well as works with various stakeholders to implement strategies and growth plans.

Consulting and volunteer management

BGF works with different Islamic organizations and mosques to assist with their specific outreach related activities and can support planning, organizing, executing and managing of volunteers.

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